H.D. Buttercup . Ever since I stumbled across this interior home design store a few month back, it has been tugging on my little heartstrings. To make matter worse I even decided to sign up to be on their email list. Why do I always do this? Such a tease. Once or twice a month I get a lovely typographic email informing me that H.D. Buttercup is having a sale! GOOD! I can’t actually look at anything online! (there is no online store). If you want to see just how cool and urban chic they are check out this video ad for their sale. Until I make it to the Golden Coast I will continue to whine about how I am not surrounded by all of this beauty. (and when I get there I will continue to whine about how I will never be able to afford it).

Tim Oulton’s masucline chic design. I love the back with the yellow flowers. and GOLD.

love the vintage boxes and baseballs.

H.D. Buttercup is located at 3225 Helms Ave. Los Angeles.

Its open 10-7, monday through saturday and 11-6 on sundays

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