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Broome Street General Store

Broome St. General Store is a newly opened dig in Silverlake, California. I have read about it in a lot of blogs B for Bonnie and Oh Joy to name a few. When Joy mentioned Friend Chicken Fridays, I was sold. I had to get my hands on some of this.

orinal picture here.

I am going to have to check out the cute little general store when I get to Los Angeles! They have all sorts of home goodies! And fried Chicken. Sounds like a match made in heaven to me!

from this lady.

 check them out 2912 Rowena Ave // Los Angeles 90026


Handsome Coffee Roasters

After reading Oh Joys! post about Handsome Coffee I was sold. I am quite addicted to coffee. Were talking head ache, can’t see straight, going to vomit addicted. And I really have no shame. I always quote the obscure line from Mrs. Congenitally, “I need coffee in an IV” while slapping my veins on my forearm. No one really gets it, or seems phased by it. But its not about that. Handsome Roaster’s made a musical promotion for their cafe. You need to check it out. I died.  Check out Handsome’s website for locations and hours.

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Design Sponge City Guides

Now. I don’t want to get all, DESIGN SPONGE IS GOD. But, Design Sponge is pretty perfect. I always take a look at her city guides to get some good suggestions for adventures. Her South End Section of the Boston Guide helped me out during the move. Check out her Los Angeles Design Guide. I know I will. After I figure out all of the different neighborhoods! eek.


photo from DS